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My work is my passion

My work is my passion

My work is my passion, but sharing my knowledge to be able to make the world a healthier place for our children gives me the ultimate joy.

I started my research in the field of preventive dentistry in the time when everything was industry-driven. But it feels good now when I have been able to create a small but an impactful community of preventive dentistry believers and followers who are ready to travel on the same path as me.

I believe that the field of medicine has no competition; it’s an acquired knowledge and I take the same effort in teaching as much as I take in learning a skill.

The journey that started by helping 4000 plus children go braces free led me like a maze to where I am today! The key to a healthy life is to start prevention young, and all that majority of children will need is a few exercises, preventing major complicated surgical invasions in the future. Being a preventive Pediatric dentist isn’t about just treating the disease or symptoms it’s about predicting preventing and helping in wellness.

Pediatric dentistry by WE LITTLE is a holistic wellness offering to assure a healthy head and neck function, to assure healthy breathing, comfortable breastfeeding and then straight teeth and cavities free mouth the natural way.

We assure cavity-free mouth by establishing BREASTFEEDING, prevention of airway issues due to narrow jaws and prevention of developing crooked teeth. And we follow the corrective procedures if the disease has already occurred.