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About Dr Shifa

Preventive Pediatric Dentist

Dr Shifa Shamsudeen after her schooling went ahead to pursue dentistry as her profession by choice, in that time when dentistry was chosen only by chance. After finishing her Bachelors in Dental surgery in 2006, she proceeded to specialize in Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry and completed the same n 2009. It was during one of the days as a residency clinic, it started with a question in her mind “If I have to walk in to my practice every day hoping to see and treat sick children can I call myself a healthcare Provider? Since then she has been exploring, learning, unlearning and relearning the path of PREVENTION in pediatric head and neck health.

In 2009 after graduation she was on board of many leading corporate practices in Chennai, she started few cases with removable myo appliances and then started exploring the role of epigenetics in development of crooked teeth. After about treating 100 plus children, of which few were without any monetary benefits she observed a tremendous improvement many of which were comparable to gold standard treatments. In 2012, she moved to Coimbatore to start her own practice WE Little. She met Dr.Chris Farrell in 2013, by which she had 350 children undergoing the Myofunctional preventive treatment under her care and seeing positive results. It was during this learning she discovered the role of Orofacial Myofunctional therapy in prevention of crooked teeth. In 2014, she became a Myobrace certified Provider after showing skills in treating hundreds of children with precision and global standards. In 2015, WE Little expanded to a bigger and international standard facility. By then Dr. Shifa had started her own protocols (Adapted and modified from MRC Australia) and the practice was helping thousands of children. Dr. Shifa became extremely active in creating awareness among public and professionals on the need to prevent crooked teeth. In 2017, she was promoted as Myobrace certified trainer being one of the very few globally.

With primary focus on prevention of crooked teeth her journey like a maze has led her to where she is today. Over the years of practice, she realized the need for promotion of breastfeeding and its role in the optimal development of craniofacial component. In 2017, she was certified at the tongue tie institute Australia.Her practice WE Little promotes exclusive, extended breastfeeding and have launched breastfeeding pods in public places. In 2017 WICE (We Institute of continuing dental education) was launched and ever since has trained many doctors in following preventive practice. WE Little was awarded the emerging entrepreneur in the health care category in 2018.

She continues her journey on Prevention with a vision to be a National leader in Preventive Pediatric Dentistry with WE littles presence nationally. It was almost a decade of conservative, non-invasive preventive practice with over 4050 children that she realized the need to create awareness on Pediatric sleep. She finished her Mini-Residency in Pediatric Sleep at Tufts University (BOSTON) and have been active in treating hundreds of children with SDB (sleep-disordered breathing) and helped improve their sleep quality. She is active in creating awareness about breastfeeding, oral health disciplines to be followed for good health and pediatric sleep through blogs, talks, lectures and training to mothers, children and professionals.

My Work Is My Passion

My work is my passion, However sharing my knowledge to be able to make the world a healthier place for our children gives me the ultimate joy. I started my research in the field of preventive dentistry in the time when everything was industry-driven. But it feels good now when I have been able to create a small but an impactful community of preventive dentistry believers and followers who are ready to travel on the same path as me. I believe that the field of medicine has no competition; it’s an acquired knowledge and I take the same effort in teaching as much as I take in learning a skill.

The journey that started by helping 4000 plus children go braces free led me like a maze to where I am today! The key to a healthy life is to start prevention young, and all that majority of children will need is a few exercises, preventing major complicated surgical invasions in the future. Being a preventive Pediatric dentist isn’t about just treating the disease or symptoms it’s about predicting preventing and helping in wellness.Pediatric dentistry by WE LITTLE is a holistic wellness offering to assure a healthy head and neck function, to assure healthy breathing, comfortable breastfeeding and then straight teeth and cavities free mouth the natural way.

We assure cavity-free mouth by establishing BREASTFEEDING, prevention of airway issues due to narrow jaws and prevention of developing crooked teeth. And we follow the corrective procedures if the disease has already occurred.

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