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We Can Prevent Developing Crooked Teeth At The Earliest. Is It Necessary To Wait Till 14 To Straight

Over the past week there is huge change in paradigm in the treatment options for COVID-19. And one such treatment that got my attention is NITRIC OXIDE. And do you know humans have the ability to produce this nitric oxide naturally? . . We all know the basic precaution now., we can take to stay safe through this pandemic COVID -19, to wash our hand, stay indoors and maintain respiratory hygiene and to build up immunity. . . But did you know that the base of respiratory hygiene and immunity starts from nasal breathing? . . Am a preventive pediatric dentist trained in OROFACIAL MYOFUNCTIONAL THERAPY, and I have observed over a decade that most kids unknowingly end up mouth breathing, though a lot of times we have mentioned that mouth breathing lead to crooked teeth, cavities, sleep issues and frequent respiratory infections. . . But Did you know IF CORRECTED and NASAL BREATHING IS PRACTICED it can help you during this pandemic? . . Nitric oxide has many benefits . research has proven that. However we are picking the ones that’s important in COVID pandemic below: . .

  1. Nasal breathing helps in secretion of NO – nitric oxide in our nose and airway passage, from the sinuses

  2. NITRIC OXIDE has a potent antiviral effect , studies earlier have shown that this has deleterious effects on viruses including CORONA ( studies in the 2003 SARS outbreak ) .

  3. Nitric oxide can kill the virus and give a cure as soon as the virus enters the nose . .

  4. Nitric oxide secretion can be the first line of treatment for natural defence

  5. Nitric oxide increases your IMMUNITY NATURALLY and reduces body inflammation. . This means the first step of defence , starts with proper breathing, with nasal breathing. The first step in respiratory hygiene is establishing nasal breathing. Yes eating healthy and vit D , A , C are also needed. . Its important to #stayhome and let’s start building immunity simple by breathing exercises. You can follow the below exercise (swipe left to watch the exercise) which has helped many of our mothers tremendously to establish NASAL BREATHING, or can watch this space for future tutorials to know more.

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